In the future of a distant past, a robot lab assistant with “too much soul” is sent to a fully-automated factory to be reset.  Mrk. IxI.G-Y, otherwise known by the nickname “Little Guy,” was found to be disruptive in his place of work; rather than focusing on the tasks at hand, Little Guy would instead fold important documents into origami cranes, play with the lab animals, and build small contraptions out of random scrap found throughout the facility. 

This is why he is here: one of TRI-AD CORPORATION’s sprawling, state-of-the-art factories. He is scheduled to have a complete restart, and if he is still found to be defective after this process, he’ll be deactivated and stripped down for parts… 

Understanding this, Little Guy looks to escape the factory. Not only is the huge building against him, but various other robots found throughout! 

Robits is a 3rd person action game developed in a month for BOSS RUSH JAM 2023. For this project, I developed the narrative, wrote the script and managed the team’s Twitter.