This is a CHIP-8 game my dad and I made together! It was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears!

The Story:

One spring day, hundreds of years ago, an old farmer’s daughter named Judith spied a strange egg in the chicken coop. It was much larger than what any normal broody hen could ever lay, its surface blue and textured. Judith, enamored by it, took it inside the cottage, wrapped it in cloth, and set it out in sunlight. Much to the child’s surprise, the egg hatched! Indeed, it was not a chicken that popped out, but a baby dragon!

Judith named the baby Roo. She tried her best to keep the creature’s existence a secret, keeping her out of sight and letting her hunt the fat mice that terrorized their barn. It was only a matter of time, however, before her older brother discovered the young dragon. Soon enough, the town’s most famous monster hunter was knocking on their door with his crossbow, demanding for Roo to be killed. Terrified, Judith opened her bedroom window and set Roo free. 

Unfamiliar with flying, Roo must collect wisps of energy that fly through the air while she dodges the arrows from the hunter’s arrows. Aid in her escape!

The Controls:

To move Roo Up: “W”

To move Roo Down: “S”

The Goal:

Control Roo to dodge the arrows headed her way while collecting energy dots. Hitting one arrow results in a Game Over. Collect as many energy dots as you can before hitting an arrow. You will be given a score total on the death screen.