Alien Incrementum

Trailer for Alien Incrementum

One starry summer night, on the shores of a quiet beachside town, best friends Adrianne Vinh and Margot Mackay witness an alien ship crash into the ocean. Aboard the craft was an alien, confused and now with no way home.  Welcoming him into their life, the young women are tasked with teaching him the ways of humanity – a far cry from his conquest-obsessed homeplanet. 

Play as Adrianne and experience the wonders of small town life through extraterrestrial eyes! Will you pursue a healthy friendship with him? Invite him into your found family? Or, perhaps, will romance blossom between you two…?

But beware, all is not sunsets and ice cream on these picturesque shores… What mysteries lie amongst such tranquil life? 

For this Josei Jam 2023 project, I was co-producer and lead writer. The visual novel amassed 28.5k words in the span of two months, with the release of the demo on June 30th. I also helped run our Twitter account. I assisted in the direction of partial voice acting for the game and wrote dialogue barks for the characters.

A list of dialogue barks for the character Alien