Item Descriptions

I rewrote the following Unity Store assets’ descriptions and names under a strict 200 characters or less limitation. The prompt description was: Name and describe…three weapons for an unidentified/in-development fantasy RPG (think Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age.) This was an exercise from The Narrative Department’s Game Writing Masterclass. Image references are sourced from the UE Marketplace.

Weapon #1:
Weapon Name:Bane of the Beast King
“Forged in mythril, these were! These beauties’ old owner was a man who lived amongst the strongest of beasts! Trained ‘em too! Too bad they ended up bitin’ ‘im in the ass, haha!” – Traveling Peddler
Weapon #2:
Weapon Name:Resentful Sceptre
Description:“Locals tell of a boy abandoned by his poor fool of a mage mother in the southern mines. It’s said his soul latched onto the gems found there, imbuing them with his sadness…and anger.” – Wan Barmaid
Weapon #3:
Weapon Name:Dracoflora Shield
Description:“On glistening platters, 
Silver gleam in the night 
The Dracoflora feast
On blood of those left behind.
White to red, bright to dark,
The empire’s men lost 
In service to the monarch.”
– Poems of War, 314